Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Burns Night in Bulgaria!

After long negotiation we have new news (discard that crappy old news) of the next stage in the collaboration. Instead of sunning ourselves in Sozopol (and the near-homonym with 'sozzled Pole' implies where all the work that week would go), we are now meeting in Velingrad in stringent January 09, skis at the ready, schedule as follows:

Week of 19th - 25th January: Meeting in Velingrad and work on translations.
Feb-May - work on and complete manuscript.
Book published in June/July
Events to promote book at Apollonia in September 2009

So we do get to have a sozzled loll in Sozopol, but only when the Work is Done.

This opens up the possibility that we will celebrate the birth of Scotland's greatest poet, Robert Burns, on January 25th (most likely we'll be heading back home, but surely something disreputable can be arranged). The Burns Supper (or brunch or even breakfast) consists of course of a course of haggis washed down with whisky, complete with the address to the haggis, toasts to the bard bored barred and assorted lads and lasses.

Raki may be substituted for whisky, but I'm not sure about Kristin's suggestion, below:

'I'd rather have an "OLD MAN FROM BANSKO IN VEIL", at least this was the translation in a restaurant menu. ("Staretz = old man" is a kind of sausage from Bansko; "in veil" is a way of cooking, it means that the meat is wrapped in something else in order to get more tender.)'

Sounds (once the aura of vulgarity is overlooked)a little like a clootie dumpling? But I'm still having difficulty with that aura.